No IBS Program Support Letter # 1

Dear Friend and No IBS Program User,

This is the first of several support letters Kathy and I are going to send to help you move through The No IBS Program.

By the time you read this letter, you’ve probably started The No IBS Program and may already be feeling better. If you haven’t begun it yet, for whatever reason, we want to give you some encouragement and tips for using the program.

First, print out the one page Quick Start Guide and keep it in your pocket or purse for quick reference when you’re out.

Next, decide how you want to go through the program. Some people like to consume all the information quickly and work with one module each day. Other people prefer to complete one module a week. If this is how you are using the program, it’s a good idea to actually book time in your schedule for the module, as if you were attending a regular class or going to a health consultation.

Third, don’t just watch the video and listen to the audios; take action! We really want you to get all the benefits of this material. The only way to do that is to tap along with us and take the steps we suggest in the food and chemical modules.

I know that some of this is going to seem challenging or isn’t what you’re used to, but, let’s face it, you bought this program because what you’re used to isn’t working, right? So, please, please don’t cheat yourself. Pretend we’re in the room with you, coaching you in person.

When you have questions, or something doesn’t make sense, or you need support, please email us. Kathy and I are here to help. We are also very interested in your progress, so let us know how you’re doing and what changes you notice as you go through the program.

Please note that we have put the Tapping Tutorial Video and other videos on a special Tutorials page for you.

We designed this program to help you work with IBS in a new way. In the past, you may have focussed mostly on diet or some other physical aspect. But IBS is complex (like we humans are) so it seems to work best when you attack it on several levels at once. That’s why we’ve included tapping to “re-program” your brain reactions, along with the module on food and the module on clearing chemical toxins.

These are the 3 pillars of The No IBS Program and you’ll get your best results by using all of them. If you notice that you’re avoiding taking the steps in one of the modules, it’s possible that module is a very important one for you. But, if it makes you feel uncomfortable, go on to the next one and come back to it later. That’s okay.

Here are seven tapping tips:

1. You can speak loudly or softly when you tap. If an issue is quite intense and makes you want to yell the words, go ahead! Or, if you don’t want to be overheard, you can whisper or even think the words to yourself. The point of the words is to keep your mind focused on the issue.

2. We start the tapping in Module Two with simple reminder phrases, which may seem a bit monotonous at first. But it’s important to do this so you learn the basic technique of staying focussed on a specific issue. As the program continues, the words you’ll use or “tapping scripts” will become more varied.

3. Part of tapping is noticing your physical and emotional state and how that changes. So before you tap, notice how you’re feeling and check in with yourself again afterwards.

This is important because there is a very common reaction to tapping called the “Apex effect.” This is when you tap on a problem, it improves, and then you say to yourself, “Oh, that was never an issue for me.” The Apex effect can happen even when you’ve had a problem or symptom for years! It’s as if the brain simply deletes all memory of it.

So do notice and pay attention to what’s happening to you, so you can track your progress.

4. While it may seem like you’re just saying words and tapping with your fingers, you are actually moving energy through your body (tapping is a form of energy medicine which is possibly the oldest healing system on the planet.)

So you may find that you’re tired after tapping. This is normal. Allow yourself to rest when you need to, and give your body time to integrate the changes. On the other hand, you could feel energized. So be prepared for either or both.

5. Be persistent! You’ll do a lot of tapping as you go through the program, because there are many aspects to IBS that we address. We also encourage you to tap on your own, on any symptoms or issue that comes up for you.

6. When you are tapping and you release an issue, you may not recognize it consciously. But your body will know. So you may spontaneously sigh, take a deep breath, or find yourself becoming bored with the issue. These are all signs of progress!

7. If you want written instructions on how to tap and create your own tapping scripts, you’ll find them in the ebook bonus “Tap Into Financial Health.”

There is a lot of material in the program so it helps to go over the modules several times. To get the most out of them, read the transcripts as well as listening to the audios. When you use more of your sensory pathways to take in the material – sight, hearing, touch – you pick up information you could miss when you only use one sense.

Also, there can be more than one layer to an issue. For example, you might tap on a physical symptom and find that some emotions or memories are released. If that happens, just keep tapping on whatever comes up to remove the intensity from it.

The main thing to remember is to listen and take action every day, letting whatever happens be okay. Make your time with The No IBS Program like brushing your teeth. Do it, then forget about it and go on with your day. Trust me, the changes will come, and they will be profound.

If you have any questions, or if there is any other way that we can serve you, please email us.

Our purpose is to make sure you get all the benefits the program can bring.

Good health to you always!

Karen & Kathy

Karen Alison and Kathy Raymond
The No IBS Program


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