8 thoughts on “Is Food Combining the Best Diet for IBS?”

  1. Your website looks really interesting. I enjoyed reading your articles. The Cd idea would be good listening in the car enroute to work!


    This is the first time that I have come across the IBS -D reference. Thank you for making the clarification. I found it so helpful.


  3. I have tried EVERYTHING to get relief from IBS-D and some things helped a bit but nothing relieved all my symptoms all the time…. until I tried food combining. It works. At least it did for me. All the other methods seem to focus on living WITH IBS whereas food combining seems to heal the gut so you don’t have to worry about things like can I eat fruit on an empty stomach or can I tolerate insoluble fibre. When you respect your digestive system and treat it the way it was meant to be treated (ie proper food combining) it works perfectly. It took a little over a week for me to see significant improvement and about a month before all my IBS symptoms were gone, especially the diarrhea. I now go once a day, first thing in the morning, and my stomach feels good the rest of the day. My bowel movements are well-formed, easy to expel, with no pain and no undo urgency.

  4. Hi Paige,
    Thank you so much for your comment. It’s interesting to hear that food combining healed your IBS-D. I like food combining a lot, personally, and have always found it useful.
    Since IBS is something of a catch-all term for digestive problems that don’t seem to fit into neat medical categories, it’s probably true that food combining will help SOME people with IBS (like it helped you.) Will it be enough for everyone with IBS? I doubt it, since I have seen people resolve their IBS with EFT tapping and without changing their diet. (Not to mention, tapping almost always help to reduce anxiety which helps in turn to reduce stress-triggered symptoms.) My experience is that chronic IBS, Crohn’s or Colitis require a comprehensive approach, like we use in the No IBS Program, and that can certainly include food combining.

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