Infant Colic and Temper Tantrums from Fabric Softener Folly, Mistake #2

Childhood Crohn’s & Colitis Mistake #2: Use of Fabric Softener

Although a familiar and common household product, fabric softener is full of toxic chemicals. Once the fabric softener is in the clothes and the clothes are on the body, these chemicals are continually absorbed through your child’s skin into the bloodstream where they create significant stress on both the digestive system and the immune system.

Common digestive symptoms for children include infant colic, bloating, cramps and irregular bowel movements. Children also have behavioural reactions to fabric softener, including temper tantrums, weepiness and lethargy. While this can happen to adults, too, the effect on children is greater because their developing immune systems are much more vulnerable.

And here’s a curious anecdote….

 When we worked mostly with clients who had food, chemical and environmental sensitivities, we often had child clients. Parents would bring in their screaming, frantic baby or child who invariably smelt of scented laundry products, especially fabric softener. Our first step would be to change the little one into unscented, softener-free clothes and, almost immediately, the screaming stopped and the child calmed down.

To protect your children from digestive problems, do the laundry with scent-free products. This is good for the whole family so you don’t need to do your child’s laundry separately or use special laundry products for children. Instead of expensive fabric softeners and dryer sheets, put plain white vinegar into the fabric softener cup in the washing machine. The clothes will not smell of vinegar when they’re done, but they will be soft and comfy.

Fabric softener was invented to deal with the static in garments and bedding made from synthetic fibers. It is completely unnecessary when natural fiber products are used instead.

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