Hypnotherapy for IBS

This article is a Product Review of the highly-effective IBS Audio Program 100 from clinical hypnotherapist, Michael Mahoney. The review was written by our subscriber Marilyn who had such good results iwth hypnotherapy for IBS that she wanted to share her findings.

I developed IBS about a year ago after a surgical procedure.  It was very difficult for me as I had always been able to eat or drink whatever I desired with no consequences.  So I went about trying to educate myself about IBS and spent many hours doing research.

One of the biggest problems for me was stress and anxiety.  I found Heather Van Vorous’s website (helpforibs.com) where she gives a great deal of information about the use of hypnosis in treating IBS symptoms.

Her website led me to Michael Mahoney of Cheshire, England.  He is a clinical hypnotherapist who has specialized in treating IBS since 1991.  He developed the IBS Audio Program 100 for those of us who could not travel to his clinic. Michael’s website is healthyaudio.com where he provides more information on the program.

His program gives an average 85 % reduction in pain and bowel dysfunction.

The program consists of five CD’s: four progressive hypnotherapy CD’s and one CD with a great explanation of just what IBS is, that can be played to educate friends and family if you wish.

There is no work involved! You just schedule approximately 30 minutes per day for listening in a quiet environment. The program takes 100 days. 

Michael has a very calm, relaxing voice that just puts you at ease.  You feel more relaxed and calm even after two or three sessions. All sessions are gut specific and build on one another. You learn ways to help you control or manage your symptoms.

Some people have remained symptom-free for seven or eight years. As with anything else, success may vary. However, the program can be repeated as often as you wish.

There are no cautions with this program; it can be used by anyone.  It costs approximately $100.00 and can be ordered from either helpforibs.com or healthyaudio.com.  There is no return policy as far as I know unless of course the CD’s are defective.

I have found great relief from this program. I feel more relaxed and it gave me hope that I could possibly get control over my symptoms. I now have a variety of “tricks” that I can use to relax and calm myself as well as manage other symptoms when I need them. I have and would definitely recommend the IBS Audio Program 100 to others.


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