Healing Colon Cancer From the Inside Out

Are you worried about colon cancer or any other cancer? Well, worry no more. According to a fascinating movie called “Healing Cancer From The Inside Out”, you can prevent cancer and heal it without toxic drugs, horrible side effects, or spending a fortune.

Just to be clear, according to medical experts, IBS does not cause colon cancer or bowel cancer. With Crohn’s Disease and Ulcerative Colitis, there is some risk of colon cancer. However, the advice in the movie tells you how to prevent ANY kind of cancer, so it’s well worth following.

“Healing Cancer From the Inside Out” is in two parts: the problem and the solution.

First, medical researcher and film maker, Mike Anderson, looks at the cancer industry and why it has a spectacular record of failing to “win the cancer war.” He observes that fear tactics are used to coerce patients into painful treatments that are often less effective than placebo drugs.

Most cancers take years to develop and several more years to kill their host after being diagnosed. Yet hospitals often urge patients to make quick decisions about accepting surgery, chemotherapy and radiation as if their lives were in immediate danger. Quotes from the New England Journal of Medicine, the Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine, and the American Cancer Society acknowledge that conventional cancer treatment is ineffective except in a small minority of cases that involve the rarest forms of cancer. According to this evidence, bowel cancer will not be helped by chemo and radiation, and colon cancer surgery is nothing to rush into.

Interestingly, radiation and chemotherapy are so toxic that patients who don’t have this treatment live longer than those who do. In survey after survey, doctors say they would never have chemotherapy if they had cancer and would not recommend it for any member of their families.

Apparently, doctors in the U.S. are prohibited by law from recommending natural treatments for cancer. If they do, they can lose their licenses and go to jail, which seems a little severe, considering that one of the common side effects of conventional treatment is death, whereas this is very rarely true of natural treatments.

In the second part of the film, Anderson shows us some of the considerable evidence he has unearthed about how to prevent and heal cancer. Let’s look at that…

In 1892, Scientific American pointed out that, “Cancer is most prevalent where carnivorous habits prevail.” That’s as true today as it was one hundred years ago, according to the medical and health experts Anderson interviews, including Thomas Lodi, MD, of An Oasis of Healing, Brian Clement, PhD, of Hippocrates Health Institute, Mirea Ellis of the Kushi Institute, Charlotte Gerson of the Gerson Institute, Brenda Cobb of the Living Foods Institute, and others.

I was intrigued to learn that, “Animal protein is the strongest carcinogen we will ever encounter,” and casein, a protein in dairy, “is the most aggressive cancer promoter of all.” The key point is that animal foods will make a colon tumor grow (or a tumor in any other part of your body) whereas plant foods shrink tumors.


Meat and dairy trigger a cascade of reactions in the body. We all have cancer cells floating around inside of us all the time but when we’re healthy, they don’t get a chance to grow. Cancer cells have a protein coating that makes them invisible to the immune system. Fortunately, our pancreatic enzymes are able to break down that protein coating. Then the cancer cells become visible to the immune system and it wipes them out. Most people’s immune systems get rid of a major cancer six times in the course of their lives!

But meat and dairy use up our pancreatic enzymes and keep them busy with digestion so there aren’t enough available to break down the protein coating on the cancer cells. This means they are able to slip past the immune system undetected.

Animal protein also affects a mixed-function oxidase enzyme in the liver making it convert normal cells to cancer cells.

So what to do? The health experts and cancer survivors featured in “Healing Cancer From the Inside Out” all recommend a plant-based anti cancer diet. This, combined with exercise and an optimistic attitude, is the simple recipe for preventing and healing cancer. Plant proteins don’t need pancreatic enzymes to break them down, so they don’t interfere with the successful killing of cancer cells by the immune system.

If this sounds too simple, T. Colin Campbell, PhD, of Cornell University points out that cancer can actually be turned on or off by varying the amount of animal protein and dairy in your diet! 5% animal protein will not cause cancer, but 20% will. Other diseases respond to this treatment as well. One 30-something woman eliminated her chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, and lupus by going off meat and dairy and changing to a plant-based anti cancer diet.

“Healing Cancer From the Inside Out” offers this information about colon cancer:
– Colon cancer is listed as one of the many that has been successfully healed naturally.
– One study showed that the more vegetables colon cancer patients ate, the longer they lived.
– A change to a plant-based diet reduced the recurrence of cancer by 300% in stage 3 colon cancer patients.
– Foods need to be eaten in their natural state. Artificial fortification of foods with folic acid greatly increases the risk of developing colon cancer.

Anyway, we don’t need “fortified” foods and vitamins, just real foods. Anderson points out that 37 milligrams of natural vitamin C from an orange are twice as powerful as 1000 mg’s of synthetic vitamin C in a pill.

In “Healing Cancer From the Inside Out,” Anderson presents his extensive research to make two simple points.

To prevent or heal cancer, whether it’s colon cancer or any other kind:

1. Eat whole, fresh foods and a plant-based diet. This is the anti cancer diet that all Anderson’s experts agree on.
2. “You need to change your attitude from being a helpless victim to taking charge of your health.”

For #2, I would use EFT acupressure tapping to clear any negative emotions and belief patterns. Anxiety, depression and negative thinking have been shown to inhibit the functioning of the immune system. You can use EFT not only to tap away old limiting beliefs, but to tap in new, empowering beliefs and attitudes.

Anderson’s approach is a lot less painful and expensive than going through surgery, chemotherapy and radiation! And, according to the many sources in “Healing Cancer From the Inside Out,” it has been successful for thousands of people who’ve tried it.

So do you need to worry about colon cancer? Not when you have the information in this movie!

3 thoughts on “Healing Colon Cancer From the Inside Out”

  1. I was natural food vegetarian for 28 years and largely vegan and in 2015 had colon cancer. My diet, although purelike the article recommends did nothing to prevent it. What is ignored is that prescription drugs, of any kind, more so than diet casuse cancer in people. They are made from petrochemicals.

  2. Hi Pat,Interesting comment. I would like it if someone from the Paleo community or the Weston Price Foundation would weigh in here. I agree with you that most drugs are highly toxic – especially cancer drugs! But I’m no longer convinced that the plant based diet is the be-all and end-all of health. If it were, all traditional Inuit would have died of colon cancer, not to mention the Masai – both carnivorous cultures.This article was essentially a review of the movie but perhaps it needs an update.

  3. Many times the digestive system begins to fail after hospitalization from an accident when multiple drugs are given (overwhelming the liver and pancreas), the food is almost entirely processed and chemical-laden so it adds more stress on an already burdened immune system, and the medics fail to understand the critical role of nutrition to rebuild health. Often the downward spiral of health will manifest 1-5 years later. This may be diabetes, adrenal failure or cancer. Stay on top of any treatments given to a loved one in a hospital, write your requests (like adding magnesium or EFA’s) on paper and demand they are included in the medical chart. Do not allow radiation imaging. Thermography, ultrasound and MRI’s are available. NAC will help prevent Acetaminophen damage to the liver.

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