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What Causes Bloating?

This question was sent to us by a visitor:

“How can I manage my ibs so that I do not constantly look several months pregnant ? I am so bloated no matter what I do/do not eat or how little/how much… I feel like I have balloons inside of me day in and out… How do I get rid of my over bloated tummy?”

Can you relate to this? If so, this article is for you. …

Running Back To The Bathroom When Leaving The House – Nervous Stomach

Why it happens…

The stress of worrying about the possibility of having a bathroom accident causes the bowel to over-react and increases the possibility of an accident!

This can be called ‘anticipatory anxiety’. You are worried about something happening in the future.

Usually people experience anticipatory anxiety because of a specific event that has happened. They have had a bathroom accident or a ‘near accident’. So the brain has every reason to worry because it feels it has the proof of the actual experience to go on. …

Hypnotherapy for IBS

This article is a Product Review of the highly-effective IBS Audio Program 100 from clinical hypnotherapist, Michael Mahoney. The review was written by our subscriber Marilyn who had such good results iwth hypnotherapy for IBS that she wanted to share her findings.

I developed IBS about a year ago after a surgical procedure.  It was very difficult for me as I had always been able to eat or drink whatever I desired with no consequences.  So I went about trying to educate myself about IBS and spent many hours doing research.

One of the biggest problems for me was stress and anxiety.  I found Heather Van Vorous’s website (helpforibs.com) where she gives a great deal of information about the use of hypnosis in treating IBS symptoms. …

Best Foods for IBS

There seems to be a lot of disagreement about the best foods for IBS. The one consistent piece of advice is to eat foods containing soluble fibre.

Why is soluble fiber important? Because, when you eat it first, at the beginning of your meal, it “pre-conditions” the bowel by forming a kind of thick gel that bulks up in the intestines, giving them something to work with. This will slow down your transit time if you’re prone to diarrhea, or help to move things along if you suffer from constipation.

HOWEVER! You need to be a bit careful about your sources of soluble fiber. I’ve read nutritionists who recommend legumes such as kidney beans, soy beans, chick peas, etc. as a good source of soluble fiber for people with IBS. I find this a bit strange, as we all know that legumes are notorious “fart foods” and are hard to digest even for people who don’t have digestive problems.

Worst Foods for IBS

What are the worst foods for IBS? Here’s a list with explanations of why each one can be a problem:

1) Dairy foods.

According to every expert I’ve read as well as our experience with clients, the number one worst food for IBS is anything made from dairy.

That means any kind of milk that comes from a four-legged animal, and any food product made from that milk: milk and chocolate milk, yogurt, cheese, ice cream, cheese popcorn, milk chocolate, the cream in your coffee and anything else with milk, cheese or cream in it. (Eggs are not dairy, even though they’re in the same department in the grocery store. Eggs are from chickens. But you already knew that.)

I know a lot of people aren’t happy that dairy tops the “worst food” list. Dairy is a comfort food for many of us and it’s easy to become “addicted” to certain cheeses (I’ve been there) or other dairy delights.

But it’s the top food allergen for everyone, not just people who have IBS, and it contributes to a wide variety of health nightmares that go far beyond digestion, including arthritis, osteoporosis, and kidney problems. Even if you’re not lactose-intolerant, the proteins in dairy can cause trouble for you.